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Mount Possibilities
Many variations are possible with bird mounts (613)476-7981

A number of different poses, styles, habitats and cases can be accomplished with birds.


Glass cases are taylor-made to fit birds and habitats.  I can make a number of different habitats including cattails, moss, grass, soil/swamp, sand, corn fields, snow/ice and water.


Special poses are also possible, such as flying, preening, sleeping or standing on one foot.  Drake and hen pairs are also attractive ways to mount ducks.


Call or e-mail for more information on mount styles.


Mixed species displays of species that are commonly seen together can be attractive.

The piece with the swimming goldeneye and underwater swimming bufflehead is a popular mount.


 Flying mounts are very popular among the hunters looking to trigger the memory of the hunt.

Banking, landing and lifting mounts are most popular.