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Taxidermy Prices

In Canada bird mounts cannot be sold or bought.  Fees are charged for the service of taxidermy performed on a bird supplied by the client. 

My prices vary with species, pose, base and habitat.  Below are prices with pictures of mounts which represent the price.



Small to medium ducks:

Includes ducks from bufflehead and teal up to gadwall and canvasback 







Larger or more complicated and time consuming ducks:

Includes mallards, blacks, eiders, drake pintail and wood ducks.

Standing: $450


Price includes base and basic habitat, snow habitats add up to $25


Flying: $500







Standing: $480


Price includes base and basic habitat, snow habitats add up to $25


Flying: $530

Ducks Under Glass


Small glass case: Starts at $650

Any duck that will fit in this small glass case with basic habitat for $650.


Larger glass cases, tailored to the mount:

Single duck under glass: $700 to $900

Glass cases can depend on availability.



Pairs under glass $1200 to $1400 depending on size of case and requested habitat materials.  If glass cases are available.



Smaller Geese: $500 Standing

Cacklers, ross geese, brants






Medium Geese: $650 Standing

Snows, blues, speklebelly, <8lb. Canadas 






Large Canadas: $700 - $800 Standing

Add $100 for open wings 

Add $60 for open wings 

Add $60 for open wings 

Geese Under Glass 


A single goose in a glass case ranges from $750 to $1100 depending on pose, size and requested habitat.

Upland Birds


Grouse, ptarmigan: $450

Pheasants:  $480

Price includes stand and basic habitat, snow habitat extra.

Add $50 for open wings

Glass case prices similar to waterfowl above



Raptors are hawks and owls ... all raptors need an MNR permit before being brought to a taxidermist 


Small raptors: $450 includes a base with habitat.  $50 extra for open wings

Screech and saw-whet owls, merlin and kestrel






Large raptors: $550 includes a base with habitat.  $60 extra for open wings.

Great horned owls, grey owls, red-tailed hawks, barred owls, osprey

Any questions on prices or any specialized pieces, poses or design you have in mind, please give me a call at (613)476-7981 or e-mail me.

50% Deposit required before the initiation of work.  The rest owing upon completion, inspection and return of the finished piece.

Free assessment of any specimen for its suitability for taxidermy.  If you are not sure if your bird is still good to be mounted due to length of time in the freezer, damage or bacterial action, I will thaw and assess the condition of the specimen.  If the specimen is not suitable for taxidermy, I will refund any deposit.

I no longer have an affordable supplier for quality rock, so at this time am not offering rock bases for mounts.

I also offer an option of basswood slab backings for wall mounts or bases for table mounts.  

An additional $10 cost for basswood slabs while supplies last.