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Raptors are Birds of Prey, which include hawks, owls and eagles.  These birds cannot be legally hunted but are occasionally hit by cars or die of natural causes such as starvation.  In Ontario, a permit must be acquired from the local Ministry of Natural Resources office where the bird will be identified by an MNR officer.  The owner of the bird must get the permit before taking it to a taxidermist.  Please freeze a raptor quickly after death if possible as decay can set in fast.


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Great Horned Owls


Great Grey Owl




There are many different species of raptors in Ontario.  All pictured here are native to Ontario.


The Saw-whet pictured below is our smallest owl.


Red Tailed Hawk


Saw-whet Owl


Sharp-shinned hawk on starling


Barred Owls - nice mount on the deer rack


Goshawk on Starling